Hi, my name is Tim Perkins. For the past 22 years I, along with my wife Edna, have been running Perkins Taxidermy studio. A full time taxidermy studio located in Beautiful Cornell Wisconsin.
I guess you could say I’ve been an outdoorsman all my life. I’ve been fishing for as long as I can remember, I started hunting rabbits and squirrels when I was eight years old and was running my own trap line by the time I was ten. The outdoors has always been a huge part of my life so taxidermy was just a natural career choice for me.

Over the years I have studied birds, fish and animals through photographs, reference cast that I have made, and trips to the zoos, aquariums, and game farms. For many years I had my own deer farm. I bottle fed the fawns at a young age so they would be almost as tame as a dog. This was invaluable in improving my deer head taxidermy and in 2001 helped me to become the Wisconsin State Champion Deer Head Taxidermist.

Through careful study and hard work, I have won many awards with birds and mammals, including Masters Division Best of Category with a Ruffed Grouse at the International Guild of Taxidermist convention. In 2008, I received the North American Champion with a Walleye at the National Taxidermist Association convention and have won several Wisconsin State Championships with fish both skin mounts and reproductions.
I was proud to be awarded Best All-Around Taxidermist from the Wisconsin Taxidermist Association and Best International Taxidermist from the International Guild of Taxidermist. To win these awards you must enter four different categories. Game heads, birds, life size mammal, and a fish or reptile.

I work very hard to produce high quality taxidermy pieces of art. I use only the best tans and materials available today to give you a trophy that will last you a lifetime. Although I have a reasonable turn around time if you are looking for fast and cheap you are probably looking in the wrong place.

Thank you for your interest in Perkins Taxidermy Studio. Please feel free to browse through our gallery. If you have any questions feel free to stop by or give us a call at 715-288-5868 or email at

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  • 2009 Wisconsin State Masters Champion, Northern Pike
  • 2009 Minnesota State Champion, Northern Pike
  • 2009 Minnesota State Champion, Reproduction Category - Drum
  • 2009 Polytranspar Award
  • 2008 Polytranspar Award
  • 2008 Iowa State Champion, Walleye
  • 2007 North American Champion, Walleye
  • 2006 National Taxidermist Association, Award of Excellence
  • 2005 Wisconsin State Masters Champion, Smallmouth Bass
  • 2005 Polytranspar Award
  • 2003 Most Artistic Fish, Smallmouth Bass
  • 2003 Best International Taxidermist 2003 Best International Bird ?Masters Division, Ruffed Grouse
  • 2001 Wisconsin State Masters Champion, Whitetail Deer
  • 2001 Wisconsin Taxidermist Association - Best All Around Taxidermist

These are my most recent major awards that I have been blessed and honored to receive.

The Polytranspar Award is presented to the highest scoring fish in regional taxidermy competitions from Wildlife Artist Supply Company in Monroe, Georgia.

The awards from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, the National Taxidermist Association, and the International Taxidermist Guild are presented to the highest scoring mount graded on anatomically accuracy, artistic presentation, and mechanical soundness.